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Actuarial Services in Serbia
“Pavlović and Consultants Agency”

Agency for consultant’s services “Pavlović i konsultanti” is established in 2018 by Branko Pavlović, qualified actuary, court expert witness for actuarial, the president of Serbian Actuarial Association since 2012 and member of Generali insurance top management, responsible for actuarial from 2006 to 2018.

The Agency engages the best actuarial experts as consultants and is able to offer all kind of actuarial services.

Actuarial Services
  • New products development
  • Existing insurance product improvement and optimization
  • Tariffs
  • Terms and conditions
  • Profitability analysis
  • Technical reserves calculation
  • Actuarial models
  • Employee benefits reservation by IAS 19
  • Fair value loans assessment by IAS 39
  • Qualified actuary opinion on financial statements
  • Qualified actuary opinion on company’s documents
  • Capitalized value of annuity claims in MTPL calculation
  • Court expert witness services
  • Draft Insurance Act - comments and amendments preparation
  • Draft sub law insurance acts - analysis and amendments
  • Actuarial part of insurance company external audit
  • Solvency II implementation support
  • Risk management
  • Actuarial function outsourcing
  • Insurance company due diligence
  • Consultant services in preparation for an insurance company sales
  • Consultant services in an insurance company acquisition
  • Training junior actuaries
  • Actuarial everyday job support
  • Consultant services in other actuarial issues


Branko Pavlović PR Pavlović i konsultanti
TIN: 111147636
Company number: 65221926
phone: +381.64.8282.000